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Thank you for your response. We will be in contact with you regarding your concern or prayer shortly. We love you and are praying for you. May God bless you each and every day of your life. May you be bountiful and plentiful in His riches and glory forever and always. Amen.

Hello and thank you for visiting my website. My name is Payton Plunkett and I am the founder and President of Mrs. Payton's Place LLC. I am a born again believer in Jesus Christ who gave my life to the Lord at age seven and have struggled my whole life with my relationship with God fighting with Him like Jacob to get His blessings and feel His presence in my life. I had epileptic seizures until I was 26 years old. Before this, I felt void of God and a little rebellious. After my successful brain surgery in 2001, I felt very close to God for about ten years until tragedy struck my life. It was very hard for me to feel close to God after this. I struggled and felt absent from Him until recently when He revealed to me a new plan for my life after several tragedies had occurred. I changed my name because of one of these tragedies and because I hated myself so much that it felt like the only way out was to start completely over. After that happened, I felt the presence of God almost immediately taking back over inside of me again. He never really left but I felt empty of Him for years. I prayed long and hard about how I could reach out to others and be a witness and blessing to others as well. God brought AVON into my life at a time when I was falling on hard times spiritually and financially. The women of AVON are great. They give you confidence in yourself and make you feel like a winner and are the best at what you do ( something that I felt that I was lacking in. ) This was God's first step in this sinner's uplifting and start on a new and more confident life. It's because of my AVON lady friends and God's recent blessings that the inspiration to reach out to other women like them biblically was born, and Mrs. Payton's Place LLC was formed. My purpose is to provide women everyday with God's love and devotion through prayer and meditation and provide a line of prayer for those who wish to share their request or just need that positive uplifting that I received in their life. Call me and tell me what's going on in your life so that we can pray together. God can do for you what He has done for me. My contact information is:

Phone: 1-(844)-PAYTONS

E-mail: [email protected]